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Septenber 22, 2014

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November 18, 2014

I want to welcome a new member who operates next door to the Chamber office. Clubb Pharmacy is now open and ready to serve your prescription needs as well as offering other items that will save you a trip to the grocery. Come by and check out this beautiful new store. Miranda is pleased to help with transfers or any other information you might need. She can be reached at 845-2345.

Please NOTE the new email address:

Pat Wallace, Executive Director



Chamber Ambassadors

The Board approved our working toward a way to help you get to know other chamber members and also help keep information flowing. We plan to start an Ambassadorís Club with interested volunteers, adjusting the ideas to fit our smaller organization.

The only requirement to be a Chamber Ambassador is that you be a employee or owner of a business in good standing with the Chamber or be an associate member and want to expand your knowledge of our business community. There are numerous ways to take part in this program. [[MORE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM ]] This gives you an opportunity to meet other chamber members, discuss ideas and problems in common, and strengthen both your business and the chamber.

Polly Troxell, Outstanding Citizen
Polly Troxell,
Outstanding Citizen
Pat and Lloyd Gray
Pat and Lloyd Gray
Outstanding Farmers.

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Interested in knowing all the stats on Henry County?? Check this amazing site out!
Just select for Henry County Kentucky or whatever community or state.

If your business can benefit from our (Check) Henry County First campaign to keep money in Henry County, call the office to be a member. It costs the business nothing, and when a certificate is used in your business, let the Chamber know and a check is written for the amount of the certificate. We all win because that money stayed in Henry County. We have 15 retail businesses listed now, and we certainly could use more.

Maintaining your membership in the Chamber not only helps you, but it helps the entire community. If there were no chamber, businesses would have no unified voice to promote the county and its resources. Our executive director goes outside the county to meetings and events to promote Henry County. It is another arm to make sure Henry County stays successful.

Henry County Profiles

bullet Ag and Food Profiles for Henry County
bullet Economic Profiles for Henry County
bullet Health Care Profiles for Henry County
bullet Retail Profiles for Henry County

Above are links to some interesting information on Henry County that were prepared by our Extension Community and Economic Development Initiative. They suggested that the data would be of interest to many community leaders.

Maryellen Garrison
Henry County Extension Agent


February 24, 2014

Good Morning, I am very happy to welcome three new members to the Chamber. The Downey Insurance Group at 35 South Main in New Castle (next door to United Citizens Bank) has all types of insurance to meet your needs. DeeDee Downey and Brett Downey will be happy to help you decide on the right plans for you. You can reach them at 845-9898.

We also welcome Melissa's Treasure Chest, located at 5201 S. Main Street in Eminence (on the corner next to Brenda's Beauty Shop). This was Quality Furniture at one time as well as Doug's Furniture. Melissa Hawks previously was the owner of Tiffany's Flea Market in Eminence. She is back in business and will be happy to see everyone. She has booths for rent and also furniture and household goods for sale. Her grand opening was last Friday. Give her a call at 572-058 or stop by and welcome her back..

I also want to welcome back Akers Nursery in Bethlehem. Norma Akers is still running the nursery after the passing of her husband Joe Akers. She will be happy to help you with anything you might need this spring to make your landscaping look great. She can be reached at 845-8074 or 845-5600.

I am pleased to welcome the American Cancer Society, with representative Kelsey Lewis, who is Henry County's coordinator for Relay for Life. She can be reached by e-mail at We welcome this fine organization to the Chamber.

If you wish to be on the committee to help plan our second Business Expo in May, please let me know as we are planning a meeting soon to get all of this underway. Also please remind businesses who are not chamber members that if they join before May 1, they get a free booth at the Expo.

I am still looking for a dinner sponsor for our April 8 dinner with the meet and greet of political candidates and dinner with speakers Representative Rick Rand and Senator Paul Hornback on this year's legislative session.If you are the main sponsor, you get 4 tickets, share time during the program, handouts to people who attend if you wish, and all the appreciation we can give you. Let me know if you are interested.

I am still signing up businesses for the gift certificate program and the brochure. I look forward to hearing from you on this if you have paced it on the back burner.

Thanks to all of our wonderful members for being so helpful in our endeavors. This organization cannot exist without you.

Pat Wallace, Executive Director

February 13, 2014

I want to welcome Grigsby-Stiltz Catering, LLC back to the chamber. Gary has done some wonderful dinners for us, and we will enjoy having more of those. He can be reached at 633-7873.

Part of my 2013 Leadership Henry Co. class has as their community project the booth at the State Fair in Pride of the Counties. Thanks to Henry Co. Farm Bureau, we are able to have a small booth in this popular area, but they would like to have a double booth where you can have a glass case (comes with the booth) and more room to show off the great things about our beautiful county. Unfortunately, the addition funds for a double booth need to have sponsorship. They need to raise $850. They are also going to get signage and other new items for the booth. If you would like to share in the sponsorship, it would really be appreciated. Just let me know you wish to help with this, and I will see they get the information. Thanks to Henry Co. Farm Bureau for their donation each year, and I hope we can add others to it. You will be recognized in the booth as a sponsor.

The rest of the 2013 class is off to a great start with their association of young farmers. I was told over 30 young people came to the first meeting. I had an outstanding group of young men who want to continue the farming tradition of Henry County, and this is a great way to keep this going. Good Job!!!

Pat Wallace, Executive Director

January 28, 2014

If you have not returned your information for the gift certificate brochure with your acceptance of the program, please do so as soon as possible as I have to finish the brochure with all who are interested on it. Also if you are interested in being on the tourism brochure (event, festival, venue, etc.), I need to see if there is enough interest to contnue with the brochure.

Keep warm and IF summer ever arrives, we need to remember how cold it has been and not complain when the temperature reaches 100 degrees.

Pat Wallace, Executive Director

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