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April 8, 2017

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Members with websites, we encourage you to add a Chamber logo graphic
and link to your website. For the graphic and
instructions please visit,

Executive Director Holly Kinderman


Upcoming Events:

Henry County Chamber Business Showcase, Spring 2017
PDF is here.


Registration Deadline ≠ April 10th! The Chamber will be hosting thee Henry County Business Showcase on Saturday April 22nd at the Eminence High School. This is more than a Business Showcase, it's a COMMUNITY Showcase, a chance to show off the best of Henry County and Henry County Resources to our community and surrounding communities! We hope that you will participate and make this a successful event!

If your organization, non profit group, business, school group, or any other
community groups want to set up a booth, please contact the Chamber office 502-845-0806 or
 for booth information! This is open to Chamber and NON Chamber members.

This event will be FREE to the public!


April 22, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Eminence High School
(free to the public)


I want to start by saying WELCOME to NEW Chamber Members, Johnson & Company Flooring Sales & Installation, Second Stride Inc, and The American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation.

Johnson & Company Flooring Sales & Installation is a locally owned, husband and wife, business, located at Eminence. Stop in and let them show you the money you can save by having one stop for your flooring and home improvement needs.

Second Stride Inc provide professional rehabilitation, retraining and placement of retired thoroughbred racehorses. The program specializes in giving retired thoroughbreds the proper care and quality training they need to succeed in something new.

The American Saddlebred Legacy Foundation helps promote the breed through affordable and accessible events and competitions, prevent the need for rescue through assisting owners, trainers and breeders.

The Chamber will host its 2nd Business Showcase in April 2017 at the Eminence School Ed Hub! What a great opportunity for our businesses, organization & community groups to get their information out to the community and showcase themselves. This event will be FREE to the public. We are working hard to get this event planned and will have booth applications available by the end of February. Booth space will be open to Chamber & Non-Chamber members.

We are continuously looking for new ways to support and promote our Chamber businesses, individuals and organizations and to keep them networking together. We welcome any ideas and anyone that would like to become a member of the Chamber. If you have any upcoming events or business information that you would like me to share, please be sure to send the information to me at


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Chamber Ambassadors

The Board approved our working toward a way to help you get to know other chamber members and also help keep information flowing. We plan to start an Ambassadorís Club with interested volunteers, adjusting the ideas to fit our smaller organization.

The only requirement to be a Chamber Ambassador is that you be a employee or owner of a business in good standing with the Chamber or be an associate member and want to expand your knowledge of our business community. There are numerous ways to take part in this program. [[MORE ABOUT THIS PROGRAM ]] This gives you an opportunity to meet other chamber members, discuss ideas and problems in common, and strengthen both your business and the chamber.

Polly Troxell, Outstanding Citizen
Polly Troxell,
Outstanding Citizen

Pat and Lloyd Gray
Pat and Lloyd Gray
Outstanding Farmers.

Are you a new HCCC member?
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Interested in knowing all the stats on Henry County?? Check this amazing site out!
Just select for Henry County Kentucky or whatever community or state.

If your business can benefit from our (Check) Henry County First campaign to keep money in Henry County, call the office to be a member. It costs the business nothing, and when a certificate is used in your business, let the Chamber know and a check is written for the amount of the certificate. We all win because that money stayed in Henry County. We have 15 retail businesses listed now, and we certainly could use more.

Maintaining your membership in the Chamber not only helps you, but it helps the entire community. If there were no chamber, businesses would have no unified voice to promote the county and its resources. Our executive director goes outside the county to meetings and events to promote Henry County. It is another arm to make sure Henry County stays successful.

Henry County Profiles

bullet Ag and Food Profiles for Henry County
bullet Economic Profiles for Henry County
bullet Health Care Profiles for Henry County
bullet Retail Profiles for Henry County

Above are links to some interesting information on Henry County that were prepared by our Extension Community and Economic Development Initiative. They suggested that the data would be of interest to many community leaders.

Maryellen Garrison
Henry County Extension Agent


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